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Funeral floral arrangements and funeral wreaths

Anthony Funeral Services stands beside all of the families that go through the painful moment of saying goodbye their loved one! We wish to express our sincere regrets and to remind you that you can count on us in these moments that have a strong charge for all those who know the deceased.
In these moments, all that remains to do is to give her or him a last tribute and to say goodbye to the person who has been in our lives for what now seems like just a moment in time. The expression of the emotional bond can be shown by the flowers we could bring to his or her grave.

In religious symbolism, funeral flowers signify the beauty of Heaven. It expresses purity and gentleness, just like the soul of the dear person who has left us. Our team will provide you with a variety of crowns and funerary wreaths with distinct designs that you can choose according to your preferences and budget.

coroana garaofe rosii si albe - Servicii funerare complete - disponibil numai la comanda Companiei de pompe funebre Anthony
Cod: ANF 01
Price: 145 RON
Wreath price red and white carnations - Full funeral services - available only on order Anthony
Cod: ANF 02
Price: 445 RON
Special sunflower funeral wreaths  and roses - bucuresti funeral pumps for Sectors 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 Bucharest - home delivery Romania
Cod: ANF 03
Price: 470 RON
Price pink white roses and pink roses - Funeral services non stop - only available to order Anthony Funeral Company Bucharest
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Price: 740 RON
jwreaths Stylish floral arrangement white yellow - small price only at order At Anthony Funeral Services headquarters Romania
Cod: ANF 05
Price: 470 RON
coroana trandafiri albi jerbera - pompe funebre bucuresti non stop Anthony
Cod: ANF 06
Price: 250 RON
Heart shaped wreath funeral flowers with red roses - funeral services any sector in Bucharest Romania
Cod: ANF 07
Price: 485 RON
wreath white roses and gerbera - funeral pumps Bucharest non stop Anthony available any month of the year for crown delivery Bucharest Romania Street
Cod: ANF 08
Price: 485 RON

The most common flowers are: carnations, chrysanthemums, roses, iris and carpets, but we can customize any model to the size you require.
The colors of the flowers also have a special symbolism, expressing the feelings you want to convey. For example, the iris expresses hope, red roses symbolize love, white purity, and yellow friendship. Chrysanthemum is the emblem of sincerity, and the callas flowers express the purity of the person who has left this life, the rebirth and resurrection. Carnations are the most sought after flowers for funeral arrangements, the reds signify admiration, while white carnations express pure and innocent affection.
You can use these symbols to decide which type of flowers to choose or what combinations to make.

Crowns and funeral jerbes (wreaths) can be accompanied by farewell messages written on a ribbon attached to the floral arrangement. Through these messages, you express the love or the unbounded pain for the passing away of a dear one. If you feel helpless and you do not have the power to write the painful words, we suggest some classic messages you can choose from, which will appear alongside your family’s name:

Whether you want a luxurious, elegant, modest or simple floral arrangement, Anthony Funeral Services will be at your disposal to fulfill your wishes. You can get inspiration from our exposed pictures to create a custom pattern or order one of our many arrangements.

We are beside you in finding the most effective and appropriate solutions, thought and around your needs and budget. Using our mobile funeral service we can come to your home, free of charge, to make your delivery. If you live in Bucharest or Ilfov, a team will come to you with the floral arrangements and other accessories you need for the burial.

Contact us with confidence and we will prove to you that we are a hopeful support in difficult moments of pain that will deliver all that is necessary for a final tribute. Be strong in these moments and keep in your heat all the happy moments you have spent with the person you love and have lost!