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Anthony will provide
funeral urns of noble
wood essences.


The departure of a deceased loved one is always tumultuous and painful, crammed with unanswered questions, anger and fear. If we add to this all of the problems of organizing a funeral ceremony and burial of the deceased, then the picture of the death is extremely heavy and it can have a toll on you. Anthony's funeral service wants to be a pillar of resistance for you, and so it comes with complete funeral services, from drawing up papers to offering funeral urns and accessories that pay tribute to the deceased.

Funeral urns are intended for those whose last wish was to be cremated, which involves the burning of the lifeless body until it is reduced to ashes. After this process, ash is deposited in a funeral urn that is kept by the family or scattered in a place that had a symbolic significance to the deceased person.

Anthony Funeral Pumps Company provides you with these funeral urns that you can find in a wide range of designs, carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen, with superior quality and select design, these urns can be kept even in your homes. They are elegant, with complex or simple prints, made with good taste. You can choose wood, metal or ceramics models, depending on your preference or the desire of the deceased person.

Choosing the urn is as important as choosing a coffin. Although the urn doesn’t contain the entire body of the loved one, the ashes are all that remains of the man who once was. Experts from Anthony Funeral Company will help you make the best decision on the model, as the ash urn will be the only way you can be with the person that you love. As the coffin is the home of the deceased, so is the urn which must celebrate his or hers life on earth.

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