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We takes care of transport and,
if necessary, of repatriation.

Funeral transport and intrernational repatriation

For more than 25 years, we have been leading the souls that have left the world of the living, on their way to eternal life, and we are alongside the suffering families offering material and moral support. We carry out our tasks to the end with professionalism, dignity and promptitude, but especially with dedication and attention to the smallest detail.
Anthony Funeral Services offers complete funeral services including: domestic and international funeral transport as well as repatriation services in Romania and abroad.
With the expertise of our team, we will be able to put your heart at ease regarding the process of organizing the funeral ceremony that commemorates the life of the dear one who has given his last breath.

Anthony Funeral Services offers domestic and international funeral transport with modern cars and limousines, licensed to EU standards. We can provide for the funeral ceremony: minibuses for transporting people, family, priests and cars for transporting funeral crowns.
The transport of the deceased is done under the best conditions of storage and hygiene. For the funeral ceremony, family transport, participants and priests can be transported by minibuses, and crowns and floral arrangements can be taken to the cemetery by special vehicles.

Anthony's funeral company includes -


We know how important it is to be with your loved one's lifeless body and how painful it is that you cannot do it. It is precisely for this reason that, in order to ease your weight, we have developed the repatriation service from other countries to Romania in order to give the deceased a funeral in his or hers home country along with those who loved him or her.

Anthony Funeral Services offers over 25 years of complete funeral services, one of these funeral services being repatriation from earth's four corners to his or hers native land , Romania. Reputation and professionalism cannot be compared due to the good relations that we have with numerous embassies, consulates and foreign governments.
We obtain the certificate of international death and all the documents necessary for the preparation of a mortuary passport , on the basis of which the international transport can be performed, as well as the other documents or authorizations necessary for the funeral repatriation of deceased persons.

We work with embassies and funeral companies from all around the world, as members of international associations and with all airlines, which facilitates our assumed task.
We are with you and we are committed to transporting the loved one who has given his last breath in the best conditions and in the shortest possible time!

Repatriation abroad in Romania through Anthony funeral services and european repatriations


Our responsibility is not only that of transporting deceased persons from other countries to Romania, but also from Romanian territory to the home countries of the deceased persons.

We take care of repatriation both for multinational companies and for private individuals who have emigrated to Romania. We work with the police, the emigration office, the Romanian embassies and consulates to eliminate possible delays of any kind if you are not under the guidance of an agent.

Applying to us, we will ensure that the transport of the deceased person is accomplished under the best conditions and in the most secure way.

You can count on Anthony in these tough times and you can put your trust in our services. All you have to do is ask for our help, and we'll take care of the rest. Your only concern must be the prayers for the receipt of the deceased person’s soul in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Funeral repatriations from Romania to USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, through Anthony Funeral Services and Anthony