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1. Refrigerator cap rental

The refrigerator cover keeps the deceased in good condition for up to 72 hours. This refrigerator can be placed above most coffins sold by Anthony Funeral Services

Why choose this model?

  • This cover will keep a constant temperature of -30 degrees in the coffin;
  • Can be put to any 220V power source
  • It has a low consumption for such a device - 400W
  • It weighs 53kg (it will be handled by Anthony's funeral service team)
  • It provides increased safety, being manufactured in Italy
  • Model 2015 - Offers low operating sound
  • The glazed surface extends over the entire surface of the coffin

This cover does not replace the mortar refrigerator or embalming service

2. Mortuary refrigerators

The legislation in force in Romania requires that the keeping of the deceased bodies to be performed only in special conditions and maximum security.

Funeral Company Anthony is one of the few funeral services companies in Bucharest that can keep the body until the legal procedures are done, regardless of how long the procedure might take.

Due to the internal temperature of the mortar refrigerator, which can reach temperatures of -50 degrees, but also to the anti-bacterial powder treatment, the decomposition process becomes extremely slow. Practically freezing the defunct, along with chemical treatment, making this the only safe storage solution to finalizing the situation of the deceased.
 Funeral services with refrigerator | Refrigerator mortuar | Cold Storage Full funeral services Non-stop Bucharest



3. Doctor for death confirmation

When an unfortunate event occurred in your life, namely the death of a relative, a dear person, a friend or acquaintance, the first step is finding a doctor who may confirm death has occurred, after examining the body and finding the cause of death, for the issuing of a document which is called a Death Certificate.

The doctor who does this may be a family doctor, or any other competent physician, but we provide - physicians working on Ambulances belonging to the Ministry of Health or those operating on SMURD ambulances who can issue certificates only on weekends.
If death occurred due to violent causes, the death will be determined by an operational team at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Doctor finding the death of the family doctor or physician on the rescue, complete funeral service


4. Embalming

We offer the possibility of embalming, also made by specialized medical personnel and with the allowed medical substances.
Embalming is an artificial method of preserving the body and preventing the entry into an unpleasant physical condition. Embalming the body as soon as possible can give to the family the possibility to stay longer beside the person they have lost. In order to deposit the body into the chapel, embalming becomes obligatory. Also, this medical procedure is mandatory when it is desired to transport the body over a distance of more than 30 kilometers for burial. There are also particular cases where embalming is forbidden, for example when the person in question suffered from high-risk biological diseases.

Embalming specialized medical personnel and medical supplies allowed funeral pomp bucuresti


5. Services for the care of the deceased persons

The inanimate body of a beloved person has to be prepared for his last journey according to the customs and religious beliefs that the person or the family believes in. This involves washing and dressing the body with new or clean clothes, shaving, hairdressing, make-up, if necessary.
After this procedure is finalized, the person’s body is placed in the coffin, facing the sunrise.
Our experienced team shall be a helpful hand in this moments of maximum intensity where decisions need to be taken immediately.

Funeral services for cleaning the deceased washing, dressing, bridging


6. Domestic and international funeral transport (repatriation of deceased persons)

At the present moment, the legislation in force in Romania imposes strict requirements on funerary vehicles. It is mandatory that they be registered in Romania and approved by the Romanian Auto Registry. In additions, the vehicles must comply with the conditions for sizing the passenger compartment in order to fit the coffin, separating it from the driver’s space and placing it on to a sanitized surface.

We offer internal and international transportation, using modern funeral cars and limousines at EU standards, also minibuses for the family and friends.
We repatriate with dignity romanians who have passed away in a foreign country and foreigners who have, as well, passed away in Romania back to their home countries.
For more details, please visit www.repatrieri.ro


7. Purchasing the coffin

The variety of coffins offered by Anthony:

At this moments of great pain, choosing a coffin can become a difficult decision. In our stores we offer a wide range a coffin models, of different essences – poplar, fir, beech, ash, oak, pine, walnut, mahogany etc. - with religious or floral patterns/elements and in a variety of colors. The coffin’s prices may vary depending on the quality, Anthony Funeral Services having always in stock coffins that can satisfy your requirements, from the cheapest to the most extravagant.

The legislation in force compels funeral services homes to commercialize coffins only accompanied by the certificate of compliance from the manufacturer. We have been selling the coffins together with this certification from 1992, guaranteeing the quality of our products.

The standard dimensions of a coffin can have small varieties, so for precise clarifications we invite you to pass the threshold of our store before making a final decision.

We can meat at any hour at our stores in Bd. Ferdinand nr. 130, Sector 2, Bucuresti, or in 118 Pache Protopopescu Boulevard, Sector no. 2, Bucharest.


8. Bier Rental

Regardless if it's at the chapel, at home or even in the church, the coffin with his body should be placed on a stand. Catafalculus is a high base with candle holders at the head and feet. We offer you two models of catafalcs from which to choose the one suitable for you.

Bier rental complete funeral services for complete funeral pumps Bucuresti Romania


9. Handling of the coffin

If the troubled family wants a specialized team to handle the coffin, we can provide you with such a team. It can make the coffin’s up and down service regardless of the location and floor, manipulating the coffin at the chapel / church until pickup.

Coffin handling, coffin, dead, regardless of the weight of the deceased or the difficulty of the funeral route


10. Floral Arrangements

Floral, corona or garlands arrangements..
The floral arrangement of the funeral, whether crown or jerba, brings a last tribute to the deceased person. It can be made from a wide variety of flowers, the size and pattern being left to your choice. The arrangement can be accompanied by a farewell message on a ribbon attached to it.
The message can be a classic one, such as: "We will (I will ) never forget you", "A pious tribute," "A last tribute," "Regret," "Eternal regrets,"You will forever remain in my (our) soul/s " ," Sincere condolence, " With a broken heart" etc. Or one written by you.


11. Consultancy for obtaining a tomb concessionary

If the person’s former home was in Bucharest, relatives up to the fourth degree or a empowered person may apply for a place of business licensed for a period of 7 years. Required documents are filed with the Secretariat of the Cemeteries and Crematories Administration. Inhumation can be done at least 24 hours after the formalities have been completed. Anthony Funeral Services offers consulting and support for getting the place for free. For more official information visit www.accu.ro.

Free place for free concession for 7 years help death


12. Cemetery practice

The Anthony Funeral Services Company also provides support for gathering the bones, transfer from one grave to another, buriel, exhumation, etc.

The funeral service company will help you observe cemetery practice


13. Cremation

Anthony can also offer support with the cremation process. Cremation can be made at the request of the deceased, expressed while living, or at the family’s request or of the persons concerned. Cremation is increasingly practiced in the world’s biggest cities, being an alternative to one of the oldest funerary customs – inhumation.

If your choice is a cremation, this are the necessary documents that you must obtain:

  • Death certificate;
  • Certificate of burial;
  • The embalming certificate;
  • Certificate from SANEPID;
  • Programming for cremation.


The cremation appointment shall be made on the basis of the above documents, accompanied by the identity card, original and in copy, of the person requesting the cremation, which will be presented at the human crematorium within the Mina Minovici National Institute of Forensic Medicine. To come to your assistance, Anthony Funeral Services can help you by simplifying the legal procedures, and can also advise you on organizing the ceremony.
At the same time, Anthony Funeral Services can provide you with a wide range of funeral urns. The urns can be made out of wood, metal or ceramic, and the ashes of the dead can be kept there.


We can advise you, or we can complete the entire legal procedure for you (by power of notarial empowerment) . We can support you in the procedure of releasing of the death certificate, the certificate of burial, the authorization to submit at the chapel, the death allowance offered by the pension house or by the employer, the mortuary passport, etc. In order to carry out the legal procedures, the following items are required:

  • Death certificate, written and signed by the doctor who made the finding.
  • Evidence issued by the police or the prosecutor's office, which shows that they have been notified (in the case of suicide, accidents, other violent causes, the unidentified corpse and other cases expressly provided by the Criminal Code). In these cases, the Attorney of State’s stamp.
  • Identity card of the deceased person
  • Birth certificate of deceased person
  • Identity of the person who declares it
  • Embalming certificate
  • The death certificate (obtained on the basis of the mentioned documents, from the civil status or the town hall in whose circumscription the death occurred)
  • Military book or recruitment certificate, as applicable, for persons subject to military obligations up to 60 years of age
  • For detailed documentation we recommend visiting www.ajutordeces.ro
Preparing documents - Legal procedures - Getting help from death