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Anthony's funeral services
commercialises a complete
and variate range
of coffins.


Anthony funeral service is walking alongside all the troubled families, giving them both moral and material support. Our goal is to give the mourning families the help they need, simplifying the burden they have received as a result of the tragedy of losing of a loved one that they are going through.

If you have come to this page, it means that a dear person has passed away. In these difficult moments, we suggest that you leave all the details of a good funeral service in our professional hands. We cannot cure the soul’s wounds, but we can provide emotional support, we can advise and offer guidance through the steps needed in order to pay a last tribute to the one you love and have lost.

The coffin, being considered the home of the deceased, is a very important element in the Romanian folk tradition. Anthony Funeral Services offers you varied designs of stylish, luxurious or economical coffins, as well as cost-effective packages to choose from, according to your budget and needs.

The coffins we offer are safe and of quality, made from hardwoods of poplar, fir, beech, ash, oak, pine, walnut or mahogany.
Luxury coffins have a unique pattern with religious and floral motifs, are lined inside with a quality white linen and covered with 2 caps that open independently, so that the loved one’s face can be seen by relatives and friends. These luxury coffins are designed for sophisticated funerary ceremonies.

Roman coffin made of fir made in Romania, two shades, modest price
Wooden fir tree coffin
Made in Romania
Price: 490 RON
The lowest price in the Anthony range
Beech wood coffin - the best price-quality ratio
Beech wood coffin
Price: 1250 RON
The best quality / price ratio
Solid mahogany wooden coffin manufactured in Italy
Massive mahogany wood coffin
Made in Italy
Price: 7900 lei
Luxury range - superior quality

Standard coffins are simple, with no extravagant models at affordable prices, but are made with the same care as the luxury ones. They are suitable for modest or close funeral ceremonies with a smaller budget.
You can choose a coffin and depending on the colors you like: white, black, beige, brown, bronze, brick, bitumen, burgundy or cognac.

The cost of a coffin can vary depending on the wood from which it is produced, the range to which it belongs, and the desired pattern. We have over 200 coffins in stock and we are always at your disposal to customize them according to your needs. Anthony Funeral Services also offers help choosing the best and most cost effective solutions for you.

Depending on religion, tradition and customs, you can choose the desired model, but also the symbolic objects that are added to the coffin, along with the deceased, to help him on his journey to the other world. If you need information on burial habits and traditions depending on the religious beliefs you belong to, along with other details about procedures and necessary documents, you can find them on the ajutor deces page.

You can count on us in the funeral process. In these difficult moments there is no place for “almost good services” or unreasonable deeds for you and your family, and less so with the deceased person.

We guarantee the quality and safety promised!

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